Zipper Testing Methods and Measurement Standarts


Puller Attachment

A slider sample is pulled to the bottom jaw and the puller is fixed at 90 degree as shown in the pircture at constant speed. Maximum force at dissambly is recorded.

Top Stop Holding Strength

Top stop of a specimen is fully closed. The distance between teeth is adjusted and then a suitable fixture pulls the slider in the direction of the seperation of teeth. The maximum force is recorded when the slider or puller comes away from the chain.


Bottom Stop Holding Strength

The slider or puller of a zipper sample is fully unzipped. The zipper specimen is fixed in the middle of teeth. The slider is pulled at a constant speed until the slider breaks away from the chain, the maximum force is recorded.


Pin and Box Strength in the Open End Zippers

Tape on both parts is pulled at a constant speed as shown in the picture. Maximum force at disassembly of the pin and box is recorded.


Lateral Chain Strength

An unzipped test specimen is fixed on the texting machine. Teeth is allowed to separate at a constant speed and the maximum force is recorded when the breakage occurs.


Slider Lock Strength

Tapes on both sides of half unzipped zipper sample are placed in the middle of teeth. The teeh is separated at a contant speed and maximum force is recorded at the failure of the lock system.




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