High Standards in Zipper Production


Anti-Magnetic Slider


The broken needles and similar parts caused at the sewing process in babywears may cause serious health problems when swallowed by children. Needle detectors must be used to prevent these kinds of problems. As needles of zipper slider, hook, and clips are metal, needle detectors may detect these zipper parts as a broken needle. Therefore, anti-magnetic sliders must be selected for clothes that will be controlled with needle detectors.




Free Nickel


The importing of nickel-containing products to EU Countires has been restricted since 20th July 2000. In some countries even prison sentence may be applicable. As the technology of anti nickel production specially differs, there are some points to be paid attention to. Nickel limit is determined 1,00 ppm for babywear and accessories, 4,00 ppm for other textile.




Child Look


Child lock is used in zippers for babywears and kidwears.


Azo Bonds


Usage of some dyestuff and chemical materials is prohibited according to the textile regulation. This regulation is valid in Turkey since 1st of March 1995. Main reason is that the ecological balance is effected negatively because of these dyestuff and chemical materials. Dyestuff which contains free heavy metal ions and causes 23 cancerogen and alergetic chemical materials as the result of reduction, belongs to this group. Taking care of environment and human health, ECE Zipper purchases all dyestuff and chemical materials from companies that are leader and have the same perception with ECE Zipper. ECE Zipper asks all these companies for guarantee that they do not use Azo Bonds in their production and has products tested frequently.






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